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Kiwi Kids Music

Tamariki Puoro (Kids Music)

The national association of Children’s Songwriters, Creators, and Producers. The Kiwi Kids Music is an association formed to support NZ children’s music creators and to advance the potential of all our children to live healthy fulfilling lives.

Kiwi Kids Music grew from the desire to promote and encourage the growth of music created by New Zealanders, for children and families. This new initiative has been set up by the people helping create the new wave of NZ children’s music. The spectacular growth of these homegrown songs across different varieties have led to a number of high profile successes in the last few years, from Craig Smith’s ‘Wonky Donkey’ to Anika Moa’s best-selling ’Songs for Bubbas’ and Tiki Taane’s waiata ‘Starship Lullaby’.

Now Kiwi songwriters, producers and performers have come together with the aim of supporting our members by the raising awareness of our local talent and by providing workshops, assisting with access of information and by connecting people, businesses and communities. We believe our children are too often under-valued. Giving them an opportunity to experience songs and stories that have been made especially for them can play a crucial part in their well-being.  One of our goals is to reach out to related sectors in the fields of entertainment, education and children’s health and to use music and song to connect those children and their families to useful information.

For children and families, Kiwi Kids Music will provide a portal for kiwis, worldwide, to access music that reflects who they are and where they’re from; opening their music libraries to songs from a variety of musicians and music genres. We welcome writers and creators who are keen be part of this new group and we are also working on building a strong base of friends and supporters for this exciting initiative.

We wish to thank APRA (the Australasian Performing Right Association) for their generous support.