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The board of The Kiwi Kids Music Trust is a unique mix of experience, expertise, and connections. We work hard to find and maintain the best music industry for the kids of New Zealand. If you’d like to know more – you can contact us online. 

Donna Saxton, Chair

Donna Saxton, Kiwi Kids Music Trustee

Donna Saxton came to Kiwi Kids Music via the pathway created by Spark’s volunteer days

and HelpTank’s connecting charitable organisations with the right volunteers’ skill sets.

With a love of music, a passion for our Tamariki’s growth and wellbeing, this opportunity married

the two together. Having worked with tamariki at risk, the power of music to aid healing, give a sense of freedom from sadness is a great foundation to support creativity,wellbeing and growth.

Donna lives in Wellington and has a strong background in governance, communications, relationship management and project management.

Toni Rassmussen, Secretary

Toni Rasmussen, Kiwi Kids Music Trustee

Toni Rassmussen joined the Kiwi Kids Music Board in 2021.

With a background of operational delivery, organisational transformation and service design and through supporting organisations that support the tamarki of New Zealand from health and wellbeing at Plunket to entertainment and education at Pukeko Pictures she has developed a strong belief in the benefit of kiwi created content for kiwi kids.

Toni lives and works in Wellington and is currently working within the government to drive human centred design in the delivery and development of services to New Zealanders.

Judi Cranston, Treasurer

Judi Cranston is a founding board member for the Kiwi Kids Music Trust. Judi’s lifelong passion has been to create platforms for others to create and perform music in meaningful ways.

With a background in music education, as well as running her own global music business, Judi is also the director of the Kawakawa Bay Christmas in the Park event and leads a local ukulele group. Judi is excited to be part of the Kiwi Kids Music Trust as she believes that collectively leveraging off everyone’s enthusiasm, inspiration and experience provides greater outcomes for NZ children’s music. Judi is a mum of 5, a grandmother of 4 and lives in Kawakawa Bay near Auckland.

Rosalind Manowitz, Trustee

Rosalind Manowitz  became a member of Kiwi Kids Music in 2016 as her performing character ‘ Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy ’, and joined the board not long after. Rosalind has a passion for sharing NZ kids music with the world, and spreading the KKM message of reflecting our unique culture, heritage and identity with the children of New Zealand, through music and stories.

Rosalind has worked with children and music for a long time, with an extensive background of teaching music in schools and performing in orchestras. Rosalind believes music to be such an effective way of delivering important messages to kids, of inclusiveness, acceptance, love, kindness, and more. She loves hearing the new music being produced

Craig Smith, Trustee

Craig Smith, Kiwi Kids Music Trustee

Craig Smith is a multi award winning children’s songwriter/author living in Queenstown NZ

Craig joined the Kiwi Kids Music board in 2021 to be part of supporting new children’s musicians to reach their potential. With a background in sales, marketing and running his own business, Craig has found these skills invaluable in his own music career and in his role on the board.

“I try to follow in the footsteps of my friend and mentor Author Basting and his example , that is to say, by helping to lift others we’re ALL raised higher.”
Craig is father to Maia and lives in Queenstown.

Lucy Hiki, Trustee

Lucy Hiku, Kiwi Kids Music Trustee

Lucy Hiki is part of the award-winning children’s music duo Itty Bitty Beats who released a children’s book with Suzy Cato and Scholastic. She has been part of the Kiwi Kids Music Board since 2020 and brings her skills in social media and Spotify music growth to the collective.

Children’s music has been a special and meaningful way for Lucy to combine her love of parenthood and music. Lucy has a passion for bilingual music and collaborating with other artists. She has featured on songs with SpinPoi, Claudia Robin Gunn, Tree Tree 123, Tumanako Tinirau, Mr Roberelli and more. She is a mother of two and live sin Christchurch

among KKM artists, and is excited to see how far the NZ Children’s Music Industry goes in the next few years! Rosalind is Mum to Hueylo and lives in Dunedin.

Arthur Baysting, Trustee

Arthur Baysting

During his busy career, Arthur Baysting wore many hats — a comedian and MC in the 70’s, the press secretary to Helen Clarke’s electorate in the 80’s, President of the NZ Writer’s Guild, APRA board member, and NZ music lobbyist in the 90’s, children’s well-being advocate from the 00’s onwards, and noted script and songwriter throughout.

Baysting’s success in the genre of children’s music began in 2000 when he was asked to write lyrics for songs being produced by ex Crocodile band-member and friend, Peter Dasent in his new role as music director for Australia’s ABC Play School.

Their catchy tunes began being sung by Justine Clarke, Play School’s ‘mega star’, which eventually led the trio to gain coveted ARIA awards, along with multi-platinum, gold and silver selling records.

Back in New Zealand, in 2007 Baysting began work to unify the growing number of independent writers, producers, and performers of children’s music. For the next twelve years, Baysting worked to create a nationally recognised association of children’s musicians that he would eventually co-found as The Kiwi Kids Music Trust in 2019.

In November of the same year, APRA NZ announced a new award in honour of Arthur for those who have championed children through the creative arts, education, or advocacy — The Baysting Prize.

Arthur Baysting: 17 Apr 1947 — 3 Dec 2019

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