Sponsors and friends of Kiwi Kids Music

“We’re here for the music. We help music creators get paid for their work and give music users easy ways to legally play and copy what they like. Royalties keep the music coming and ensure the industry’s future. And that’s what we all want to hear.”


NZ On Air
We aim to get diverse local content onto a multitude of platforms so that intended audiences can watch, hear and share local content and songs.


Recorded Music NZ
Our Member Services team delivers projects and services that promote the recorded music industry to music fans around the country. We produce the annual Vodafone NZ Music Awards and publish the weekly Official NZ Top 40 Chart.


Suzy Cato – Official Home page | https://www.suzy.co.nz

Suzy has been making radio, telly and now YouTube content for kiwi kids since your granddad was a toddler (well almost :o)  You can find all the Kiwi Kids Music stars on the Suzy & Friends radio show and video clips. You’ll also find lots of kids, just like you!

bFM – Official Home page | www.95bfm.co.nz

The 95bFM Kids’ Show is a place where children get to share their thoughts, interests and talents live on the radio. Running since forever ago and currently hosted by Lee, the Kids’ Show features games and competitions, stories, songs and lots of laughter as well as plain old conversation. It’s a happy community of children and families who call up every week to chat and participate.

Otago Access Radio | http://oar.org.nz/

Space Station Kiwi