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On Saturday, 23rd of February, 2019, Julie Wylie of Julie Wylie Musical Play facilitated two fabulous, free, workshops focusing on Sensory Music Sessions.  Hosted in the divine new Christchurch Public Library, Tūranga, the workshops were limited to 100 people per session, allowing for 25 active participants and clear viewing for those seated, watching.  Julie was able to share highlights from a lifetime of teaching and musical play sessions and the response, form those who participated, has been wonderful.

 Find out more about Julie

Find out more about the workshop

 The Art of Musical Play and Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation – Julie Wylie Musical Play 2019

Readings, Film Clips & Podcasts – This page from Julie’s website includes a wide range of information relating to music and the brain, musical play, and different areas of child development.

The Neuroscience of Musical Play – This includes Bruce Perry’s Neurosequential Model which underpins Julie’s philosophy.

Why Adults Can’t Develop Perfect Pitch by Rick Beato

Professor Colwyn Trevarthen, Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh – Relating and Communicating: “The Love of Special Companions and the Importance of Play: What is Being Human and How Can It Thrive?”

Neuroscientist and Musician Daniel Levitin – This is Your Brain on Music

Levitin’s book This is Your Brain on Music, in which he explores the connection between music and its performance, its composition, how we listen to it, why we enjoy it – and the human brain, is available as an ebook at

The Power of Musical Play and Mindfulness Techniques to Calm and Regulate Children and Families who Experience Stress and Anxiety – Julie Wylie

Ten Reasons Why our Ministry of Education Should Develop a Curriculum Underpinned by Music – Julie Wylie