Captain Festus McBoyle

Captain Festus McBoyle’s Travellin’ Variety Show

The Ultimate Rotten Entertainers –  Masters of Music and Mischief From the ashes of a 25 year non-illustrious Rock n Roll career comes the unwashed, semi toothed and slightly uncouth Piratical ‘cheese’ Captain Festus McBoyle.

Armed with just his cheeky humour and the sharpened hooks of his songs, the Captain is joined by Miss Lucy Drawers and Ebeneza Strong and together, they are more fun than a squirrel up ya jumper!

Regularly compared to Monty Python and Spike Milligan, this Vaudeville Musical Comedy Troupe playfully target unsuspecting families with the utmost precision. Transcending age and culture with ease, their almost ‘Punk Rock’ ethos will whisk you away on a first class voyage to sample their weird and wonderful world.

Masters of Theatre and Festival Stage shows, Roving musical entertainment, Pop Up Shows, Vaudeville family games (The Pirates Olympics) Ukulele Workshops, Musical Storytelling experiences plus MC capabilities.

Corporate Teambuilding Events is another string to their bow.

Their well-crafted stage performances create the illusion of ‘flying by the seat of your pants’. Over 45 original songs to choose from, no two shows the same. A beginning and an end, each show is steered by the audience, the Captain choosing what tasty treats will unfold. Tales of old, some true, some tall, wonderfully cheeky banter, beautifully crafted costumes, extremely catchy interactive songs with some extremely clever lyrical content. Not to be missed!

Awards and recognition

  1. Finalist Best NZ Kids Album, 2012
  2. Finalist Best NZ Kids Video, 2013
  3. NZ on Air recipients, 2018
  4. NZ on Air recipients, 2019
  5. Finalist International Songwriters Competition,  Best Kids Song, 2018 (The Little Things)
  6. Semi-finalist International Songwriters Competition,  Best Kids Song, 2019 (Cheeky Little Monkey)
  7. Finalist Best  NZ Children’s Music Artist, 2020
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