Fatcat & Fishface are the award-winning outlaws of New Zealand children’s music.  Their cheeky style and offbeat humour have been compared to Spike Milligan, Roald Dahl and Flight of the Conchords. 

Fatcat & Fishface released seven albums

  1. Birdbrain (2009)
  2. The Bestest & Horriblest Songs for Children (2008)
  3. Meanie (2007)
  4. Pretty Ugly (2004)
  5. Dogbreath (2001)
  6. Selfish Shellfish (1999)
  7. Horrible Songs for Children (1997).


Fatcat & Fishface winner USA Children’s Music Web Awards:

  1. Best Recording for School Age Children, 2008
  2. Best New Artist for Older Children, 1999
  3. Fatcat & Fishface winner Best NZ Children’s Album Dogbreath, 2002. 

Radio Compilation

FATCAT & FISHFACE featured on New York independent station Radio WFMU’s Greasy Kid Stuff compilation More Songs from Inside the Radio alongside They Might Be Giants, Bent Bolt and the Nuts, and the guy who does the music for Spongebob Squarepants.

On Screen

FATCAT & FISHFACE’s animated music clips debuted at the NZ International Film Festival (Animation for Kids).  The Wreck of the Diddley screened at film festivals in Melbourne, London and Korea.


The Wreck of the Diddley was published as an illustrated children’s book by Potton & Burton in 2007. 


“Funny, friendly, crazy songs for kids in need of an injection of intelligent entertainment.”– Real Groove

“Entertaining, original, innovative and polished” – Margaret Mahy

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