Hey DUBY’ brings a new flavour to the children’s market with their debut album ‘Hits 4 Kids’. The music is fresh, new and guaranteed to have both young and old jumping around and dancing! Learning has never been so much FUN!! High colour, high energy, funtastic, animated children’s music that will inspire all kids up and down the country to want to learn!

Their first music video ‘Duby Time’ was released in late 2017 and a cover of ‘Feliz Navidad’ seven days later. Videos for ‘Freight Train’ and children’s favourite ‘Flat Cat’ followed. Then came ‘I Can Count’ and ‘Good Morning’ which both have featured on TVNZ. A series of lyric videos, e-books and activities are also available from their website: www.dubytime.com. We are excited about what the future holds for Hey DUBY.

Hey DUBY album cover art
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