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Itty Bitty - Member
Itty Bitty - Member

Itty Bitty Beats is an award-winning children’s music duo from Christchurch, New Zealand. Forming in 2014, their themed albums have proved popular around the world.


  1. Their debut album ‘Bath Time’ was nominated for Best Children’s Album of the Year in 2015.
  2. In August 2016 they won a Tui Award for Best Children’s Album (Lay Your Head Down) and Best Children’s Song (Po Marie) at the Children’s Music Awards.
  3. In 2017 Itty Bitty Beats were finalists in all three categories for the 2017 Children’s Music Awards. Best Children’s Song & Video for ‘Kiwi Convoy’ and Best Children’s Album for ‘On The Move’. In 2018 they have been nominated once again for Best Children’s
  4. Music Video (Hot Air Balloon).

Recent collaborations:

Itty Bitty Beats has recently released a song and music video for their festive hit ‘Christmas in Summer’ with Suzy Cato.

There are some new exciting collaborations coming soon with Kath Bee, FleaBITE, Levity Beet and more!

Other projects:

Sadly in 2009 Jenny and Rob’s son Leo passed away at 3 days old. Itty Bitty Beats has released some baby loss songs for in Leo’s memory.

They are free to download.

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