Love to Sing

From top selling books & tapes, books & CD’s, DVD’s, Teaching Programmes and having an overall number 1 top selling video in New Zealand for 7 weeks, Love to Sing has now become one of the world’s most popular YouTube channels with their Christmas songs. They have over 1 million subscribers and 600 million views + counting.

Linda Adamson first started creating children’s music products in 1991. As a teacher she was frustrated with the lack of quality music resources, Scholastic NZ published her first titles which became successful in the educational and retail markets. In 1994 she created her own company Love to Sing Ltd. There are over 400 songs in Love to Sing’s range featuring a combination of original, traditional and a few copyright songs for which Love to Sing has valid licenses.

Linda was known for a long time as the ‘Hey Baby Lady’ – she has penned favourite songs like Hey Baby Let’s Rock and RollPohutukawa TreeMother EarthTouch the StarsFeelings, Reach Up High Tofa TafaGood Morning, Who is Lovable? Christmas is A Season of Love, In France They Have Pere Noel and many more.

Linda and the Love to Sing choir have performed at New Zealand’s largest outdoor concerts – Symphony Under the Stars (representing Variety The Children’s Charity) and Christmas in the Park to over 250,000 people. Love to Sing has even been a warm up act to The Wiggles.

At the helm beside Linda is Tessa, Linda’s daughter who has grown up with Love to Sing. Tessa has featured in many of the videos and recorded her voice to many of the songs. She now helps to create new material, is an IT whiz and has an education degree.

Love to Sing songs have aired on national New Zealand TV and always features in our national airline Air New Zealand. Our Hearty Fun Fitness Songs and Programme is endorsed by the Heart Foundation.

Love to Sing’s YouTube channel subscribers and views are growing at a fast rate – just type in Christmas songs on any search engine and our songs will come up first no matter where you are in the world!

In 2016 Love to Sing created another 3D animation YouTube channel Little Action Kids  featuring Bella, Marcos, Eva, Raj, Lily and their special friend Jet.

Our songs are licensed by companies all over the world – even Roc Nation’s DJ Khaled, Yo Gotti and Fabolous have licensed one of Love to Sing songs!

Millions of kids and people of all ages sing along to our Love to Sing songs every day. Our website offers free resources for parents and teachers. Love to Sing loves creating musical vibes that helps to make the world a happier place “Sing it, Feel it, Love it!”

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