The JellyBean Queen

The JellyBean Queen's Logo

The JellyBean Queen’ (Elizabeth Eason) is a trained primary school teacher, children’s vocal coach and singer-songwriter producing happy, peaceful, fun and at times silly songs for children of all ages!

From the beautiful New Zealand bush, under twinkling stars, with puppets and bubbles, gentle lullabies, adventures in the forest and giggly, silly tunes-it can all happen with the JellyBean Queen!

The JellyBean Queen can be found most days at the local primary school in Christchurch, New Zealand (always in her crown!) working with her ‘JellyBeans!’ (singing students!) and the school Junior Choir but is 
now extending her bubble to include YOU!

You can be a ‘JellyBean’ too!
Princes, Princesses, Superheroes and Superstars all welcome!

‘Put on your Crown
Be Brave, Be Kind and Sing!’

Love from the JellyBean Queen X

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