Sheree Veysey is the songwriter and musician behind “Zoons” playful kiwi songs for primary aged children. Sheree has a growing repertoire of songs recorded and many more waiting in the wings. “I remember so clearly the songs I sang as a kid, and my goal is to write songs catchy enough that they stick in people’s minds and hearts.”
Originally from Rotorua, but based in Auckland, Sheree fits her passion for kids music around full time work as a mental health promoter and counsellor.

Sheree completed a diploma in music performance at the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand in 2004 and works with Zed Brookes of Brookes AudioDesign in recording her pieces. Her live performance history includes time as one of Festus McBoyles pirate characters as well as performing on Good Morning, but these days in the pursuit of balance and wellbeing, she is more present online than in live performance.

Sheree is also the extremely proud auntie of 12 nieces and nephew and surrogate aunty to about 12 more! Her little sidekicks include the cheeky puppet cat “Calbert” and her one-eyed chihuahua Meadow (aka the pirate queen). Her songs available on bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify!

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