2020 Music Awards Winners

Congratulations to our 2020 NZ Children's Music Awards winners!

APRA Children's Song (performed by)

Kath Bee and Doug Stenhouse
"I Love Life"
Performed by Joelle

Recorded Music Best Children's Music Artist

Anika Moa​

Anika Moa Songs 4 Bubbas 3

NZ On Air Children's Video

David Parker, Ben Collier, and David Thiele (The Nukes)

Video by Parry Jones (claymation) and Christian Tjandrawinata (live footage and editing)

Baysting Prize for Children’s Champion

Arthur Baysting
“Arthur was such an important part of the music community, and a particular advocate and guiding light in the children's music world. We miss him dearly, and are very happy to announce that the inaugural Baysting Prize has gone to Arthur's family, in his memory and to mark his legacy." says APRA’s Anthony Healey.

Watch the 2020 NZ Children's Music Awards ceremony

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