Kiwi Kids Music Members

Claudia Robin Gunn

Claudia Robin Gunn makes sweet smart songs for families that celebrate the magic in every extraordinary day of childhood. Loved by little learners in New Zealand and all around the world, her original music and videos are made with heart, humour, and heaps of fun.

Claudia performs regularly around Auckland and offers shows for both preschool and school aged groups.

Claudia started her own label, Little Wild Music, to publish her music for families. She loves collaborating with fellow songwriters and helping artists plan their music release strategies.

File under joyful, mindful and playful in your music library!

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Levity Beet

Levity Beet, two times Tui NZ Children's Music Artist of the year, three times APRA NZ Best Children's Song winner is a dynamic children's musician renowned for his infectious melodies and innovative approach to music education. With a career spanning over two decades, Levity has enchanted audiences worldwide with his energetic performances and whimsical lyrics. Combining elements of pop, folk, rock, and world music, he creates a unique sound that resonates with both children and adults alike. Levity is also a passionate advocate for music in early childhood development, regularly conducting workshops and classes to inspire young minds. His dedication to spreading joy and creativity through music has earned him acclaim as a beloved figure in the children's entertainment industry.

Captain Festus McBoyle

Rich Manic is a NZ Singer/Songwriter with over 35 years experience in the Music Industry. Originating from the depths of 90s Rock n Roll, he now channels Cheeky Vaudevillian Punk Rock Pirate - Captain Festus McBoyle. 

Carving his very own unique path in Family Entertainment, he continues to bring Music and Mischief to the world with the help of his Band of Merry Misfits and of course his Magical Doxy - Miss Lucy Drawers (Larissa Lofley).

With their characters officially 'Married' by the Wizard of New Zealand, this eccentric pair (Manic/Lofley) skilfully run Pea-Knuckle Productions which is in essence a full in-house Video Production/Event Coordination Company.   

Chris Knox once said of them  "They are the Punk Rockers of the Kids World" 

Manics Mum -  "He thinks he's Peter Pan and needs to grow up"

The Official Cage Rattlers and Bringers of Joy - Providing More Grit and Less Sugar for Families!

Captain Festus McBoyle's Travellin' Variety Show - Festival and Theatre Stage Shows, Interactive Roving Entertainment and Pop Up Performance, Historical Storytelling Experiences, Vaudevillian Family Games and Multiple Workshop Options.

Three Tui Noinations for Best NZ Children's Music Artist, 6 successful NZ on Air grants, Multiple Industry Award Wins and Nominations Globally - Check out the Official Website on  

Pea-Knuckle Productions - Award Winning Video Production, Writing, Directing, Event Coordination, Costume/Set Design and so much more.


Robin Nathan

fleaBITE is the latest innovative and entertaining children's venture from Robin Nathan. Bold and irreverent, fleaBITE’s cheeky style and high production values provide a unique voice in the world of New Zealand children’s music.


fleaBITE has produced six albums (three times winner of BEST NZ CHILDREN'S ALBUM) and 2 musical adventure podcast series: EVERYBODY WANTS TO JOIN THE FLEABITE BAND and 3 FLEAS IN A SUBMARINE (both were  finalists at the NZ Radio Awards).


Itty Bitty Beats

Itty Bitty Beats is the musical pairing of Jenny Payne and Lucy Hiku. The duo has been busy making original kiwi music for kids around the world. They have released 5 albums, 3 EPs, a multitude of singles and videos and they’re also published authors!

Cee Bee Teatime

Charlotte Talbot is the face of Cee Bee Teatime.  She writes wholesome, original music for little ears and her songs are all home-grown on the family farm.  They are mostly written for pre-school aged children. Many are very simple action songs, many have a farming/countryside theme, some have an element of the ridiculous and many tell a little story or contain a message.

Find out more at:

Cee Bee Teatime Story: When Copyright issues interfered with Charlotte's delivery of online Music and Movement sessions during the Covid lockdown, she decided that the only solution was to create her own material. With two of her three adult children at home, they began to make songs. Oscar’s instrumental and music production abilities and Emily’s beautiful voice enabled Charlotte’s lyrics and melodies to be turned into fun, interactive songs for children everywhere. When a caregiver asked her for the name of a particular song, because she ‘couldn’t find it on Spotify’, Charlotte realized that it was time to start sharing her music.

“In our Anglo-Saxon world, feelings are shared, problems solved, ideas developed and support given over a cup of tea and there is always music. Music feeds our soul and it’s never too early to start enjoying and appreciating it. The words and melodies have always been inside me and now it’s time to start pouring them out. It’s Cee Bee Teatime!”, says Charlotte.

Craig Smith

Craig Smith aka "The Wonky Donkey man" is an award winning children's author and musician.

Suzy Cato

A friend of multiple generations of kiwi kids, Suzy feels incredibly fortunate to be singing, dancing and investigating this wonderful world of ours, with kids of all ages, across Aotearoa - New Zealand.  

Find her on Spotify, Facebook (suzycatonz), Instagram (suzy_cato), YouTube (Treehuttv). Tune in for the Suzy & Friends Kids Radio Show on 25 radio stations around Aotearoa, and Suzy & Friends in a Podcast, for the best talky bits of the radio show on RNZ's

There is so much fun to be had, so come on, "We Can Do It!"

The KaRs

The KaRs (The Kane & Regan Show) formed in 2004 after the devastating floods in the Manawatu affected the mood of the region and something needed to be done.

Local schools got in touch and The KaRs played their first gig to warm the hearts of children, cheering them up through their unique take on music, comedy & performance.

Soon after they received a grant from the PNCC to create a CD of educational songs about Manners, Respect, Hygiene, and Mathematics.

Their debut album has been a hit ever since and regularly features on kids’ radio shows across the country. Their quirky songs continue to inspire not just children but adults alike with the importance of washing your hands and obeying traffic lights.

The KaRs have just released their eagerly awaited 2nd album, albeit 20 years later.

With the help of NZ on Air, PNCC, and local tamariki talent of Palmerston North, Kane and Regan are very proud to finally show off their latest musical offering.

The album features original songs with themes of recycling, brushing your teeth, and counting, with their next single ‘64’ already proving to be a popular earworm.

The album is also made up of Kiwi classics like One Day a Taniwha, Oma Rāpiti, and Pō Atarau (Now is the Hour) as requested by local teachers.

Kane and Regan are both graduates of The UCOL Theatre school and are joined on the album with the beautiful voices of Erina Daniels, Anasi’i Jerome Leota & Jamie McCaskill.


Ms Tanya Batt

Tanya Batt is a self confessed story-o-phile and frock-o-holic whose home is on Waiheke Island, Aotearoa, New Zealand. She is a seed sower, a word warbler and story stitcher who channelled her childhood propensity for talking and her love of dressing up into a real ‘imaginary job’. Stories have put food on her table and a roof over her head for thirty years enabling her to share her mahi in over 20 countries. She is the creative director of the ‘Once Upon An Island Charitable Trust’ that uses storytelling for community building, environmental and cultural education. She regularly work with her partner musician, Peter Forster creating albums of stories and songs, the podcast 'A Story and Song - musical stories for children' and the online storytelling club 'The Batt Cave'.

June Burney

June Burney (Creator of Learning Through Music) has brought joy to thousands of children in pre-schools, schools and communities with her creative mix of original music and engaging storytelling.

Over the last couple of years she and her husband (Ian) have been on a mission to create a brighter future for the next generation with their unique environmental creation

June has written many environmentally themed songs / music videos for Her song entitled Kaitiaki was a top finalist in the Funky Kids Radio Global Kids Music Video 2022 awards, which has now been shared with children around the world to learn from and enjoy.

For her work in the children's music and environmental education space June is also a Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Award 2022, Local Hero medallist.

Angelfish Kids

Angelfish Kids are Anne, Sarah and Andy (and sometimes Rachel) are ukulele-playing singer/songwriters based in Christchurch. Their debut album "Animal Adventure" features fun songs about all your favorite animals. They have just written a new album/show called "Remarkable Sparklable Angelfish" which will be released in 2024. 

Joshua Webb (Hey DUBY)

Joshua Webb is the founder and voice of Duby from the award-winning animated music group Hey DUBY. He began working in Auckland early childhood centres in 2004 and at that time started writing children’s songs. He was (and still is) a rap artist making music for grown-ups. It wasn’t until 2011 that Hey DUBY was created, originally as a live performance group. His vision was to create fun, educational and values-based pop music for young kids. 


Joshua reimagined Hey DUBY as an animated group while working as a primary school teacher in China in 2017. He is now based in Queensland, Australia along with his wife Ramina who has helped with vocals for Princess Jessie since 2020. His friend Joe is still based in Auckland providing vocals for Switch Man. His daughter and smallest-biggest fan Janaya also helped out by being the cute baby in the NZ on Air funded music video for ‘Think Big’ in 2023. 


Please visit their website to find more information about Hey DUBY plus links to their YouTube and digital music streaming channels, social media and Ko-fi page for activities and resources etc.

The Sound Room

Est. in 2003, The Sound Room is run by Tom Fox & Marshall Smith who write high quality music and sound design for film, TV, games, theatre, artists and bands all over the world – based in Auckland, New Zealand.

They have scored 13+ feature films, 70+ documentaries, TV series, short films & animation, 100+ TVC’s along with scores for major international games, theatre, museums and artist and band album production.


  • Music composition / songwriting / arrangement / production
  • Sound design / SFX / foley
  • Mixing for film / TV / AR / VR
  • Mixing & mastering for music


“Marshall and Tom of The Sound Room scored our blue chip series Big Pacific.  The pictures were wonderful, the script was engaging but it was their music that brought the emotions of the stories to the screen. With ever shifting deadlines and recutting of the same shows many times over we put them through a trial by fire as they tried to keep up with the editorial changes we threw at them. Every step of the way they showed patience and grace while we did what we needed to do, barely leaving them time to do what they needed to do.  Nonetheless the outcome was thrilling.”
Craig Meade

Big Pacific – Showrunner

The Sound Room hits the right tune for any market.  It’s because of this we come back for more.  Working with Marshall and Tom is a pleasant experience since they have the patience and perseverance to deal with Client’s and Cirkus’ wishes and needs!
Marko Klijn

MD – Cirkus Animation

I’ve worked with The Sound Room for many years. We’ve managed to pull together some great projects, The Sound Room were the FIRST producers to give me a crack at this side of the industry and I have picked up a huge array of skills working closely with them. Professionalism, prompt and most of all, dope at what they do.
Recording Artist/Producer


Tom has 30 years of experience in the music industry, having been involved in the writing and production of songs, film and TV scores as well as being a highly rated session guitarist, programmer and specialist in world music.  Tom has been part of a number of chart topping songs. Weeping, a song originally recorded and sung when he was a member of the band Bright Blue was recorded by multi-platinum selling artist Josh Groban and produced by Glen Ballard. This album went to #1 on the US charts and to date has sold in excess of 4 million copies.  IMDB

Marshall is an APRA Silver Scroll finalist, who won a place at the Berlinale, an ART Venture Award for creative entrepreneurs along with a Professional Development Award from the NZ Film Commission. He releases original material under the name Marshmellow.  Marshall was also the co-founder and co-chair of the Screen Music & Sound Guild of New ZealandIMDB

The Sound Room has two recording studios in Auckland with a range of other studios at their disposal for larger projects if required. They work with a fantastic network of top musicians to help bring your vision to life.

Tom and Marshall pride themselves on working with warmth, integrity and honesty; creating beautiful music on time and on budget for clients big or small.


Marshmellow is fun, whimsical and clever original music written and produced by singer/songwriter Marshall Smith. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, he creates music for grown-ups and kids.

So far his ever growing catalog includes 5 grown-up albums & 1 EP, 2 kids albums & 1 EP.

A well established New Zealand based songwriter, composer and producer, Marshall has written music for film, TV, games and theatre for many years with more than 2000 original tracks published. He has been an APRA Silver Scroll Finalist and the recipient of many other professional awards for his music over the years. With various original bands he has played in London, China and New Zealand. See his IMDB credits HERE.

Marshall is the MD of leading music production house The Sound Room and was the co-founder and co-chair of the Screen Music & Sound Guild of New Zealand for 10 years. He regularly speaks on music & the film industry and mentors young artists as part of the Depot Artspace programme.

Jeremy Redmore

Jeremy Redmore's Website

The unmistakable voice of Jeremy Redmore has played an important role in the fabric of New Zealand music ever since his songs first made their mark on the airwaves in 2008.

Whether it’s been as the singer and chief songwriter of rock band Midnight Youth, or as a solo folk, pop and children’s music artist, Redmore has always had a knack for creating memorable songs that energise and capture the imagination of listeners.

His musical journey so far has encompassed four full-length albums, three Aotearoa Music Award gongs, a Silver Scroll, 10 top-40 New Zealand radio hits, over 22 million online streams and shows from China and Singapore to London, Berlin and Los Angeles.

Since 2009, Redmore has regularly visited schools across New Zealand with the New Zealand Music Commission, imparting his love for singing and songwriting to young Kiwis.

That work then led to a sparkling new creative chapter in 2021 with the publication of his debut picture book, Sing Like A Unicorn, along with an award-winning song of the same name.

Inspired by this success, Redmore released his second song for children, Singalong, in 2023 and intends to continue this momentum with more music and books that promote singing as a tool to boost the wellbeing of tamariki in Aotearoa's schools and homes.

Music With Michal

Michal Bush has been delighting children with her fun and catchy music since 2012, infusing it with the lively spirit of New Zealand. With four impressive albums under her belt, Michal's music has become a staple in homes and classrooms worldwide.

As a mum to three young daughters, Michal understands firsthand the importance of creating music that not only entertains but also educates and inspires. Her accomplishments extend beyond albums, including her new TV series 'Michal and Moe' and engaging podcast that further connect her with young fans. In 2022, she received the prestigious Best Children's Artist award at the New Zealand Children's Music Awards, solidifying her status as a beloved figure in children's entertainment.

Michal's music focuses on themes of wellbeing and positivity, collaborating with teachers and experts to ensure her songs promote important values like kindness and diversity. Her vibrant videos on YouTube and social media platforms keep kids engaged and entertained, spreading joy and fostering creativity in every viewer.

As Michal Bush continues to share her joyful Kiwi music, she's not just creating songs – she's creating lasting memories and meaningful lessons for children worldwide, one song at a time.

With a contagious passion for the children’s genre and clear vision for creating music for wellbeing – Music with Michal is a force of kindness, joy and laughter that is winning over fans (and young hearts) all over the world.

Little Ripples

We are a kindie folk duo that has been making music for children and their families in Aotearoa since 2012.  Dreamed up amidst our family life in coastal Northland and inspired by our journey through parenthood and teaching. Weaving organic tones and tender heartfelt lyrics are how we have been able to create a sound that both adults and children love.  From the beginning our Little Ripples kaupapa has been to make music that speaks to the whole family. We craft our songs to see through the eyes, hearts and minds of children as well as reflect on the experience of the adults raising them. The family folk sound that Little Ripples have an affinity for, draws inspiration from artists such as Elizabeth Mitchell, Neil Young, The Brushfoot Migration, and Mountain Man.

We were selected as finalists for the APRA Children’s music awards 2020 for best music video. Over the years families have enjoyed seeing us perform at a variety of venues ranging from The Auckland Folk Festival, Auckland’s Zoo, public libraries, kindergartens and community halls. Our appeal to the tastes of adults has seen us also supporting artists such as The Lonely Heart String Band(USA), Mark Mazengarb (NZ/USA)  and Erin Cole-Baker (USA/NZ).  

Our latest album we released is ‘In My Garden’ - our most significant work to date. Born by a community of passionate musicians and friends it is a proudly self funded, grass roots, production.  The concept of ‘blooming where you are planted’ is intrinsically woven through our new record . As a songwriter and an early childhood teacher (Emily Benge), the gentle stories and questions of children in my orbit are the seeds from which these songs have bloomed. Our nature collage music video for single ‘Little Bee was supported by NZ On Air’s New Music Kids fund and made by animator RDYSTDY. We have many more songs to share from our hearts to yours, so please enjoy our collection of mindful family folk songs that are sure to warm your heart and offer antidotes to the struggles that we face living in uncertain times.

Little Lips' Spellodies

We are Little Lips! Steph, Fen and Freddy, a family who likes to rock ! We have decided to write a song for every sight word, which is ridiculous because there are a lot of them (I count 7 in that sentence alone). Come join us on our journey and become a stellar speller! Word suggestions welcome! Connect with us over here at:

(And if your word suggestion is “definitely” then know that you are not alone and we are working on it!)


Chris Lam Sam

Who is Chris Lam Sam?

He is a popular children’s entertainer, a published picture book author with London’s TATE Museums,

and the NZ Symphony Orchestra says he is one of the best Master of Ceremonies they have ever worked with.

Over the last 21 years he has performed live concerts for more than 2 million people,

and worked with some of the best loved brands and musicians in Aotearoa and the world.

He has written an album of children’s songs for Plunket New Zealand,

he has performed with Sir Dave Dobbyn and two-time GRAMMY Award winner Kimbra,

and MC’d events for The Royal NZ Ballet, the NZSO, World of Wearable Art, and The Muppets.

Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders is a multi-award winning children’s musician, published author of six picture books and is set to release his second stage show musical.

He has penned many popular kids tunes including the ‘111 Ambulance Song’ and ‘Teddy Bear Hunt - Ft. The APO’ and his book title’s include stories such as ‘Angel Star’ and ‘The Lonely Book.’

As well as having 4 children’s songs enter the NZ Official Music Charts, his other musical accolades include being nominated for a TUI Award as Best Children’s Artist in 2020 and receiving an NZ honour ‘The Order of St John Priory Vote of Thanks’ from the Governor General in 2019, for charitable services through music and literature for St John NZ.

In 2023 Chris is set to release the first part of his latest project, a stage show musical called ‘Hana the Glowworm’ done in collaboration with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

Anna van Riel

A natural entertainer of children, Award- winning children's songwriter Anna van Riel is the ideal choice when it comes to performing for little people at festivals, schools, ECE Centres and Community events, NZ.

Offering entertainment for big kids and small!

Anna offers both interactive performances and workshops for children and is a popular choice for community events with her performances for all ages. Founder and trustee of non-profits Plastic Free Wanaka and The Wanda Foundation, Anna is passionate about supporting a healthy planet, as well as the creative growth of our children.

Anna offers both interactive performances and workshops for children and is a popular choice for community events with her performances across all ages. Founder and trustee of non-profits Plastic Free Wanaka and The Wanda Foundation, Anna is passionate about supporting a healthy planet, and fostering the creative growth of our children.

Kath Bee

Kath Bee is first and foremost a brilliant songwriter. She prides herself on writing well-crafted songs with meaningful, clever lyrics and catchy melodies.

Kath's list of most loved and songs include 'Individuality', 'Dad I wanna be a Camel', 'E Tū Tāngata', 'I Love Life', 'Magic in Me', 'Dragons Under My Bed' and many more. She seems to be able to get into the mind of a child to create songs that touch children's hearts and stick with them into adulthood. Kath regularly meets adults who blush and say 'your songs were my childhood'.

Kath is a 'with them' not 'at them' performer who reels children in a down-to-earth way and keeps them engaged whether on the mat or on a stage and has performed all around NZ to hundreds of thousands of children over the past 17 years.

Kath is a published author of 2 books, has over 85 songs streaming online, plus many lyric videos on her YouTube Channel to sing along to. Her list of awards is a long one and includes:

Winner - APRA Best Children's Song 2022

Winner - APRA Best Children's Song 2020

Winner - APRA Children's Video of the Year 2019

Finalist - APRA Children's Song of the Year 2018

Winner - APRA Children's Video of the Year 2014

Winner - APRA Children's Video of the Year 2010

Finalist - INTERNATIONAL Songwriting Competition x 3

Placed - AUSTRALIAN Songwriters Association Competition x 3

Judi Cranston

Judi Cranston is the founder of kindyRock, a music education company based in New Zealand, providing music, training, and teaching resources to children, teachers, and parents.

She is an international award-winning songwriter and her music is used around the globe in homes, early childhood centres and schools.

She is passionate about using music as a tool for helping children to grow and learn and is committed to creating resources that are fun, easy to use, and effective in learning.

She also works in New Zealand and internationally providing music education presentations for early learning professionals.

More recently Judi has developed adult training in emotional and intuitive intelligence and is a certified Esoteric Hypnotherapist. 

Judi is a founding board member of the Kiwi Kids Music Trust and is a mum to 5 grown up children and 4 grandsons and lives in the beautiful Kawakawa Bay south East of Auckland.

Loopy Tunes

Kia ora! Mālō e lelei!

Loopy Tunes Preschool Music are Ōtautahi-based sister music duo, Siu Williams-Lemi and Leah Williams-Partington. The sisters are best known for their reorua/bilingual Māori and Pasifika children’s waiata, sung in their beautifully harmonious style.

They have released 13 children's music albums and will be releasing their 14th later this year! These include the "Pasifika Beatz" series, which is a 10-album release, in 10 different Pacific Island languages, in collaboration with Whānau Āwhina Plunket. To date, the sisters have released almost 150 waiata for tamariki, 5 children's books and have over 300 videos for tamariki to enjoy, on their YouTube channel. Keep an eye out for a super cute new Preschool YouTube series, coming soon!

Siu and Leah tour around the motu, twice a year, visiting Preschools and offering super fun and interactive concerts for local tamariki and whānau. They are also regularly invited to perform at different events in Ōtautahi and Auckland, and in other parts of Aotearoa! Follow them on their socials [FB or IG] or subscribe to their monthly newsletter to stay in the Loopy Tunes "loop"!