Kiwi Kids Music Trust's Purpose

The purpose of the Trust will be to establish both events that encourage young New Zealanders and their families to engage with kiwi children's music and its producers, and programmes to encourage them to compose new original music. In doing so, these opportunities will support the growth of the children's music industry in New Zealand, and a number of other positive youth development outcomes as a result of the Trust's work

Kiwi Kids Music grew from the desire to promote and encourage the growth of music created by New Zealanders, Artists and Tamariki alike, for Tamariki and Whanau. This great initiative has become a wonderful support framework for the people helping to create the new wave of NZ children’s content not just music. 

Now Kiwi songwriters, producers and performers have come together with the aim of supporting our members by the raising awareness of our local talent and by providing workshops, assisting with access of information and by connecting people, businesses, and communities.

For Tamariki and Whanau, Kiwi Kids Music will provide a portal for kiwis, worldwide, to access music that reflects who they are and where they’re from, opening their music libraries to songs from a variety of musicians and music genres. We welcome writers and creators who are keen be part of this new group and we are also working on building a strong base of friends and supporters for this exciting initiative.

We wish to thank APRA (the Australasian Performing Right Association) for their generous support.